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Specialist ACP Cladding, Glazing,Toughened glass,
Facade glazing,Spider Glazing

Solutions From concept to completion

The buildings we create inspire us & reflect who we are

HG WALLS is a passionate, efficient led company chennai who strive to make your architectural dream come true

Eco Friendly

HG Walls is one of the few companies in Chennai who specializes in ACP Cladding,Stick glazing,Facade glazing,Toughened glass building projects in chennai. Our LEED accredited project managers have a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in a green technology project.


Our company’s objective is to achieve the limit beyond technology in creation of architectural work of distinction for facade cladding and Spider glazing with an emphasis of aesthetic pleasing and innovative design in chennai.


To be the Market Leader by providing Complete project solution through commitment and innovation coupled with drive and quality therefore ensuring fast and effective project management in chennai.